Heroes of Cosplay Judge Ryan Frye responds to "The Truth Behind Heroes of Cosplay"


To me the cosplay community represents friendship, a freedom to be one’s self, a sense of belonging and creativity and a culture of inclusiveness. In short very positive things that other hobbies/communities can sometimes lack. When I read this article

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Retro Sailor Senshi
<Personal project by CrimsonPumpkin>

There’s still some other sailors to be done ;)

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  • Question: As a biologist and animal behavior specialist, an attendee of Colossalcon for nearly a decade, and someone who has worked closely with this organization, I can promise you that human handling of captive cubs is actually quite beneficial to both animal and zookeepers, and the cubs are not drugged in any way. You have no idea how these things work or what you're talking about, so don't spew garbage. Additionally, all money raised is donated to conservation. - Anonymous
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    Uh, last I checked from various reading and talking to people who work in the field, cub handling is really not beneficial. What’s going to happen when they are older and are used to human contact and hurt someone on accident? 

    You can also come off anon. 

    Garbage. None of that money goes to conservation. It all goes to the breeders and keeping the program going. Cub petting is not beneficial. It endangers the cubs, it perpetuates poor ideas about tigers, and does not a single thing for tiger conservation. I’d like to know by what standards this person is a “biologist,” and even if they were, that does not make you an expert on animal welfare or the specific needs and detriments to a specific species. Ignorance is harmful, and lethal even to animals in these kinds of situations.

    Wild Acres Ranch provides lion and tiger cubs for photos with the public at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.
    Since 2005, Wild Acres Ranch has been cited by the USDA for:
    Using an unvaccinated 3½ week old tiger cub for more than 50 photos with the public in a three day period at Kalahari Resort. The inspector wrote, “Frequent exposure of young and immature unvaccinated cubs to the public is detrimental to their health and well being.”
    • Failure to provide transportation records for which the inspector wrote, “This facility uses small exotic animals such as tiger, lion and bear cubs for photo [sessions] and then when they are no longer cubs they are sold and transported.”
    •Housing a 6 week old tiger cub in an enclosure with a cement floor and only a plastic dog kennel as shelter from the sun. At the time of inspection, the temperature of the cement was 110 degrees and the inside of the plastic kennel was 97 degrees. The inspector wrote, “More shelter must be provided to allow for cooler living conditions and to avoid overheating or discomfort and possible death of such a young animal.”
    • Failure to provide adequate veterinary care to a 6 week old tiger when it could not be determined if the cub had been appropriately vaccinated
    •Housing numerous bear cubs in transport enclosures inside a garage that also contained a gas grill, gasoline, a lawn mower and a car. The inspector wrote, “[T]hese items […] could be dangerous to them because of fumes.”
    • Failure to provide adequate space to three water buffalo who were held in a transport trailer that was not large enough. The inspector wrote, “[T]here is not enough adequate freedom of movement which could cause injury to the animals during transport.”
    • Repeated failure to be available for inspection
    • Improper food storage and failure to dispose of expired drugs
    • Inadequate perimeter fence
    • Failure to properly mark carriers used to transport lion cubs
    • Failure to maintain acquisition records

    [source (see page 21)]

    Really really valuable information. Thanks!

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Remember He-Man singing “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes (video by Slackcircus)? Well he’s back! In comic form! Rumours say this will soon be a T-shirt available through Meat Bun

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The Many Tiaras of Sailor Moon, and a few other ones as well

Sailor Moon has had a TON of different tiaras, especially during the development process of the comic, so I thought I’d make a quick collection of the different types of tiaras!

Prototype Tiaras: There’s a few tiaras which have the hair ornaments attached to the tiara itself, which is interesting since in the final comic they weren’t attached to the tiara. There’s a Prototype Sailor Moons that entirely lack said ornaments so that’s naturally interesting. You can also notice that some of the original versions had a more round gem on the tiara, while in the final project the gem is oval shaped. There’s one tiara that had details on it (far right), one that was half gold half silver, and the crazy tiara on the far left.

Tiaras in the Comic: There’s the regular tiara, the upgraded tiara, two different versions of the tiara that has a crecent moon on it instead of a gem, and as a bonus I put Moon Tiara Frisbee there. And as we all know, Eternal Sailor Moon lacks a tiara, she now has only her Moon Symbol (this also applies to Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Galaxia lacked a tiara entirely, but she seemed to have a crown of sorts).

Tiaras in the Cartoon: There’s the regular tiara as well as the more detailed tiara that you could only see in Moon Tiara Action’s stock footage. I also added the tiara when it’s not on Sailor Moon’s head. Then there’s the upgraded tiara. I also found purely by accident an unknown tiara in some concept art in Tadano Kazuko’s Artbook ‘Final Sailor’. Some say it’s for a doujinshi, but I haven’t seen any proof of this. I don’t know what’s up with this trippy tiara but at the very least it’s a fun bonus to show to people.

Tiaras in the Musicals: From the little I know, the first four actresses of Sailor Moon in the musicals all had the same tiara (or at least one that looked similar, finding references wasn’t easy), while the fifth actress had a different looking tiara that’s more accurate to the source material. (Some Eternal Moons had Crecent Moons on their foreheads but they weren’t tiaras really.)

Tiaras in PGSM: While Sailor Moon’s tiara looks fairly similar to the source material (the gem only lacks a piece of metal around it, and it has fairly very obvious moons on it), Princess Sailor Moon has a very unique tiara; the gem has gone from a bright pink to red and the tiara itself is made of golden pearls/balls.

Other Tiaras: This gallery was intended to focus on Sailor Moon’s tiaras so I’ll briefly go over other tiaras: in the comic Jupiter’s tiara always has an antenna (while in the cartoon the antenna would only appear when she performed Supreme Thunder). Other than that the Inners and Outers all had the exact same tiara. Super Chibi Moon did have a moon instead of a gem on her tiara, but all Eternal Soldiers except Moon had a star-shaped gem. Chibi Chibi is the only exception; she had a pink, heart-shaped gem on her tiara. The Starlights as well as Sailor Kakyuu all had a different looking tiara entirely. In the comic the tiara itself looks very, very thin and has a star in the middle, while in the cartoon the tiara was a lot thicker. In PGSM, Dark Mercury has a very unique looking Tiara with lots of details.

You might be able to see the details better by clicking on the images! And, if I did any mistakes, well, my bad! ^^;

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The new Sailor Moon wand arrived today!!! I made a really indepth video review + comparison between the 90s version & SMW version! Also the instructions that come with this wand is in Japanese, so I explain it in detail how to do everything in case it’s not clear with the diagrams!


Watch here:

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Sailor Moon shirts

So I saw a Wonder Woman shirt the other day that said “Girls Will Save the World” and I thought it was a really awesome and empowering feminist phrase, so I decided to do a Sailor Moon version. <3

I was surprised how fun it was to draw the Crisis brooch because I usually hate doing vector stuff. I wanna make mooooore now.

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