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"When men say that they “love to see the woman underneath the makeup,” they’re not saying they want to see your leg stubble and greasy bangs—they’re saying they want you to be better at hiding your maintenance routine. Because the maintenance spoils the fantasy."


-Lindy West (via fourstorytantrum)

Every time one of my guy friends says they prefer women without makeup I give them the hardest fucking side-eye. Like, I definitely don’t really mind either way but, I’m pretty sure some of these dudes has scarcely seen a woman without makeup.

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perfect hair, perfect words

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Snow White ◊◊◊ Disney/ own design

Cosplayer/Costume design: me/Naraku

Photo: Calssara

thank you for this amazing shooting my dear! It is one of my favourite costume and made so much fun to wear it and make little girls happy ❤

Pictures will come today and next days at deviantart too plus 1 or 2 other pictures you don’t see at this set!

you can find me here:  facebook   , main-tumblr  and   deviantART

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Late 18th century day dress. (via Nordiska museet.)

that belt.

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Robert Reid (1862-1929) - Tempting Sweets

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sweater weather is better weather


Fall I need you so bad. T_T Come to meeee!

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Recently I asked a question on whether or not antiques should be worn which sparked a wonderful debate on the value we place on historic items.  The popular opinion was that antiques were meant to be cherished.  A month ago I was examining a heap of dirty fabric when I caught site of an embroidered scallop.  Recognizing the piece for what it was I bought the pile with the hopes that I might be able to rejuvenate it. 

From that dusty pile I was not only able to restore the fabric to it’s original condition but, I was able to give the piece a new life.  The gown is entirely hand stitched and I made sure that my best stitches went into attaching the antique net to the side panels of modern net. 

The ball gown was worn to the Regency Society of Tennessee’s 2nd annual ball.  The antique net is courtesy of a dodgy vendor at the local market and the swiss batiste was purchased from The Lace Cottage.  I’m very thankful to the Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum for allowing me to take photos on their stunning ground and to my brillaint Mother for styling my hair!

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Evening dress, 1898-1901
From the Cincinnati Art Musuem